Aqvest Holdings is a private investment company, having our registered office in the United Kingdom, while carrying out operations from Dubai, United Arab Emirates. 

Our well diversified operations spread over numerous industries, positively impacting countless lives. We at Aqvest strive to create sustainability by driving our investments towards development and creating an enriched future for all.

Through the embodiment of high innovation, we aim to empower local communities by bringing them together all whilst ensuring that equal opportunities are provided to all. Our core focus is to build genuine connections and give back to the people at every level of our operations. 

At Aqvest Holdings free communication and expression is always a main priority. We encourage and value creativity and visionary thinking, seeking out all possible ways to contribute towards sustainability leading to development and future-ready economies. 

In line with this commitment, we strive to positively impact businesses and uplift communities across the world. As we invest in, develop and renew industries, we are also building a better future

To us, our strongest asset is our experienced and dedicated team, working endlessly together towards achieving company goals and ensuring that the company expands and reaches the fullest potential in the most sustainable manner. In line with this commitment, we strive to create a positive difference in businesses across the world, building a better future one investment at a time.

Here at Aqvest Holdings, we aim high and achieve higher. This is where positive change is defined.